Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finds and fixins'...

Happy Saturday!
Ever notice how mandatory "wake ups" are challenging, but on days off you can bounce right out of bed at the crack of dawn?...funny how that works.

There were no treasures for me to be had this week from my weekly second-hand store excursion. I did find this tiered stand and monogrammed cocktail shaker at a local discount store. The tiered stand matches  metalware I already had, so I was excited about that. I picked up the cocktail shaker my last visit to the store but when I saw the length of the checkout lines, I opted to leave it behind. When I spotted it again this visit, I figured I was meant to take it home.

And last, but probably my favorite find, this cool mail holder (very Pottery Barnish without the PB price tag).

I managed to pack up my Valentine decorations and pull-out a few St. Patty's items last weekend...crazy to think March is almost here, but I'm all for spring!  :))

Have a great weekend y'all!


  1. Love your finds! Love treasure from the past, don't you? And, I am ready for St. Patricks day! I have my t-shirt and sweater that I wear to commemerate! Usually we throw a party with lots of party favors! Not sure if it's on the calendar this year--too much hockey! Oh, what am I saying--never enough hockey! LOL!

  2. Oh....nice to meet you. I'm stopping by from Texas Blogging Gals and am clicking on the '4' to meet some of y'all from my coastal area of Texas, hopefully.

    I must say, you and I love to decorate our homes for the seasons. Just yesterday I took out all my St. Patty's Day decorations.

    I see a post in your archive, "Winter 2011 in Corpus WAS darned cold here!!! Do stop by and say 'howdy' if you can find time.

  3. Oh great finds. Love the little green guys. I am decorating for St. Patricks too.


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