Thursday, April 5, 2012

Early Easter Gifts...

What a wonderful pre-Easter gift...the blooms on my little Magnolia tree have begun to open! The blooms are nearly bigger than the tree itself...this is definitely an ambitious little tree!

Such a heavenly fragrance from those lovely blooms! Such beauty nature provides, to brighten the upcoming Easter morn...

And now, on...


  1. Beautiful blooms! We're so lucky at this time of year in Texas! Happy Easter! xo

  2. Those magnolias look magnificent! Wishing you a blessed and Happy Easter!

  3. My magnolias are full of buds but have not opened up yet,
    yours are lovely, and so are all your flowers!Spring time is wonderful, isn't it!!
    Happy day, dear

  4. What beautiful blooms for such a tiny little tree. Amazing.
    My much taller one only magnolia at the new house has some buds but no blooms.

  5. Hi there!
    I'm a new follower of your lovely Blog!
    How lovely your blooms are... I love spring blooms...

    Enjoy, and have a fantastic weekend.


    1. Angela...
      So glad you stopped by Along the Way and decided to follow! I'll be visiting you soon too!


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