Monday, May 23, 2011

Beautiful Flora Memories...

What a pleasant surprise when I spotted this Calla Lily blooming on my patio. You see, this Calla Lily holds very special memories. It was used in the church at my daughter's 2009 June wedding.

Each year since then, the plant re-emerges each spring along with all the beautiful memories of that special day.

...simply, beautiful!


  1. Kuki, my friend

    How beautiful and wonderful the Lily is!!!
    Is that your daughter? What an awesome lady she is, you must be very prud of her!!!
    She looks like a marvelous movie star, isn't she?

    Everlasting Peace for all of your family(^_^)v

    Hugs xoxo Orchid,

  2. Orchid, how sweet you are! Yes, that is my daughter in the photo. I'll have to share your comment with her...she's the mother of a 5-month old little boy, so she doesn't feel too glamorous these days...sporting baby spit-up and the like. But she's enjoying every moment of being a new mom and she is such a good mommie!
    Hugs to you too!

  3. Not only is the lily beautiful, but your precious daughter is too! I know you are proud of her! I hope your lily keeps blooming and bringing back wonderful memories!

  4. Ohhh...I like this post ;) Thanks for posting that picture, mom and thanks for the kind words, ladies. That was definitely my glamor I feel "glamorous" if I squeeze a shower in during a 24 hour period!

  5. Beauty in the lily and your daughter! What a precious memory to have with the magic of new blooms every year!


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