Thursday, September 17, 2009


Be forwarned experienced Bloggers out there, I'm a "Blog Rookie". Now that the cumulative gasps have subsided, let me share what prompted me to join the blog scene.

Innocently enough, I was recently reading through my daughters blog, beaming with pride at her wit and humor. Then, to quote Emeril, "BAM!!!!! There it was, a reference to Mom (i.e., ME!!!). Now when the words "Mom" and "clueless" appear in the same sentence, sirens begin sounding in my head and the ol "because I'm the Mom and I say so" mentality kicks in. After deep breathing, I continued reading the remaining posts, but my mind kept returning to that one word, "clueless", REALLY?!!!!!!

I vividly remember the exact moment I knew the world of socializing had snatched my daughter. There was no keeping her to myself from that point forward. Advice and warnings targeting typical parental, friends, boys, drinking, drugs, cell phones, etc., etc., were tolerated and often met with rolling of the eyes, silent treatments and "you're ruining my life" letters when opinions differed. But here's the thing, when raising our kids, my husband and I were parents first, rather than their friend. Guess what? Our kids have matured into intelligent, independent and caring adults who I am now proud to say are also now "friends". Clueless? Maybe, maybe not.

You know, at this point in my life there's nothing more satisfying as hearing my adult child say, "Mom, you were right when you said .....".
Clueless? Hmmmmmmmmm.

One day in the near future my dear daughter, you too will likely experience "parental cluelessness" and when you do, just smile and know that ol Mom "told you so" (again). Rest assured you're surely on the right course if labeled "clueless" by your own child.