Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dear Daddy...

Our family was so young when cancer took you from us. You were only 37...I was the tender age of 12. So much has happened in the 41 years since we were last together...

...teenage years
...THE boy
...children (your grandchildren)
...losing mom becoming a first-time "Nana" (your great-grandson!). 

I cherish special memories of you that remain...a red and white ruffled dress embroidered with the phrase, "My heart belongs to Daddy" first diamond in a small heart pendant (Mom told me years later that you wanted my first diamond to be from you). I must tell you, I still get teary thinking about how much I miss you. There was so much we weren't able to share...yet I'm so thankful for the time we did have. How `bout I catch you up when we meet again? 
And Daddy, just so you heart still belongs to you!

Happy Father's Day, I love you!


  1. Oh, my dear friend Kuki♪
    Yes, we are daddy's girl, aren't we?
    I am SO happy to know you have such beautiful memories with him and must be a treasure for you.
    I just visited my father at his old-people's home. Well, he still can recognize me and smiled seeing me.

    Love, xoxo Orchid.

  2. That is such a sweet letter to your father. I know how much you must miss him, still. He sounds like he was a wonderful Dad.
    Blessings to you this Father's Day.

  3. What a sweet touching tribute to your daddy. My DD & I were just talking about the love we little girls have for our dads -- you express it perfectly.

  4. So very sorry I missed this post on Father's Day! A heart-wrenching love post for your dad! How truly sweet! My heart feels very connected to you, but goes out even more so because you lost him at such a young age. I know when you do meet up with him again, it will be BEAUTIFUL! I am so grateful to have read this post!


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