Friday, April 20, 2012

Stormy Projects...

One of my favorite perks since retiring last September is being able to stay home when the weather's nasty! There's just something about being in my home on a nasty day that makes my heart happy. With possible severe weather forecast for our region this afternoon...once I heard thunder rumbling, I dashed outside in hopes of capturing a photo of lightning. I looked down the corner and saw the rain working up the street. In a matter of seconds it was raining sideways and the wind began to blow like crazy!. Inside I went (without my photo). Mother Nature puts on quite a show!

With Spring being the season of renewal, I've been making simple decor updates for a change of indoor scenery....

New window toppers for the common living area add a punch of color from the previous black...

I just love the fabric...a montage of vintage postal stamps and postmarks. I was drawn by the colors...the  design was a bonus in my book!!!! I still need to update my throw pillows, but haven't found any options that knock my socks off.

On to the kitchen...
I've been on the lookout for a black and white check tablecloth for the LONGEST time and finally found one that was workable. I also found a couple cute vintage-look fruit table runners that blend nicely.

A few vignettes...

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Love your updates! Your kitchen table is so warm, inviting, and invigorating--great place to start the day with coffee! Love it! And, I love being home too when it rains! I pray that I can always love the rain, as I know it has caused others to have fear! I just love the rain! Have a beautiful week Kuki!

  2. Love your table and the curtains are adorable.
    I just bought some fabric last night to show the hubby for our breakfast area. Haven't made the final decision if it's a go or not.


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