Thursday, February 24, 2011

Texas Bluebonnets and....

G'day y'all!
(how's that for a diverse greeting?...threw the "G'day" in especially for the Aussie viewers).

I'm normally headed to work this time of day, but took the day off to help my in-law's (my father-in-law is having cataract surgery)...thought I'd compose a quick post before heading out the door.

Spring fever's in full swing here in South Texas. The trees are beginning to bud, the temperatures are more like what we're used to, and we're beginning to see the first glimpse of those wildflowers Texas is so famous for. A favorite spring time photo op is to plop down in a field of bluebonnets...this photo from  Texas Hill Country is a good reminder to tread carefully as creatures besides humans plop in the flowers ...YIKES!

Wishing you all a blessed "snake free" day!

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  1. I love spring in Texas! And, YIKES, you are right about what comes alive, and wonders through the wildflowers, other than humans! Hope all went well for your father-in-law!


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