Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 1, March `11 (whew!!!)...

Wow, if the budding flora wasn't enough to point to the arrival of Spring , the hectic pace of Week 1, March 2011 is a sure indicator. My husbands high school baseball team played at Whataburger Field last Tuesday. It was a bit chilly, but a wonderful night to be at the ballpark. The remainder of the week involved work, weekly choir practice, and a quick trip to Houston to spend some time with our son and his girlfriend.  Of course baseball was involved with the Houston trip as well...we caught a couple games of the College Classic at Minute Maid on Saturday. After the game, we headed to our son's house, began unloading our luggage where I learned my hubby had forgotten to pick-up my cosmetics bag...LOVELY!!! Let me just extend my apologies to the people of Houston that crossed my path on wasn't pretty!!  :))))

I did pick up a few little home decor "happy's" during the week...I'll include those in another post. I'm off today and may venture out to see if there's anything wonderful out there calling my name.
Enjoy your day!

Minute Maid
Flour Bluff Hornets - Whataburger Field


  1. I'm not sure where Whataburger Field is, but I love Whataburger! LOL! You had a full weekend of baseball! I hope you were able to recover yourself after not having your cosmetics! I am so cautious to not go out without makeup! It's always "just my luck" to run in to someone when I least expect! Thanks for sharing!


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