Saturday, March 12, 2011

Shine on!'s no spring break, but I'll take it!

My hubby returned home late last night from a 2-day baseball tournament, glad he's home safe and sound. He installed the new outdoor light fixtures this morning and they look awesome! (think he's trying to get a jump on the "to do"  list to free up some time during his Spring Break). My apologies for the photos...the wind is blowing about 40 mph here today and between the gusts and intense sunlight, it was difficult getting a good shot. Sure wish I had taken "before" and "after" photos, but missed my window of opportunity.

Think we'll head to a local nursery  later today for landscaping ideas...
we have some serious work to do!

Enjoy your weekend and those of you lucky enough to have a spring break...
have fun, stay safe. ")


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  2. Thanks so much for stopping by and following "Along the Way" Laura!

  3. I had to comment on how I giggled when I read your post title "Weekend, it's no spring break, but I'll take it". I'm right there with you. LOL!


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