Thursday, March 10, 2011

This `n That...

My latest find may seem a bit strange for a non-smoker, but I just thought it was so COOL! For those of you that know little about pipes (myself included), this is a vintage Ropp Deluxe Pipe made in France. It's made from Birch and Cherrywood, bark and all. Oh the stories this pipe could tell, if only it could speak.

I purchased effect drapes for our spare room a couple weeks ago. I say "effect" because they're not intended to be functional...just add visual interest. I was not happy with them initially...gathered on the rod, they were too short. I knew I could fix the length but wasn't sure I liked them enough to bother. I eyeballed them for several days trying to decide if they were keepers when it suddenly hit me, use clip rings. So off I went in search of rings in the proper size and color (no small feat I might add). I like this effect MUCH better! I've also acquired several new framed art prints, the cutest little rooster pitcher and new outdoor sconces and hanging pendant for the front of my house. I'm hoping my hubby will have an opportunity to install the lights this weekend or next week while he's on Spring Break. Additional photos and updates to follow.

Spring just seems to send me into "new project" mode...any new projects in the works with you?


  1. Love the new additions! Makes me a little homesick seeing the house.

  2. Ah, and we miss you too sweet girl!

  3. Cute stuff! Love that pipe too. I'm changing my kitchen a little bit at a time. Hugs and thank you for stopping by Katherine's Corner

  4. Those reddish candle sticks are totally my type!



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