Monday, April 25, 2011


What's the best part of a workday Monday following a 4-day weekend?....
I T ' S    O V E R ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Although I'm grateful for the time off, it sure was hard getting myself motivated for work this morning. (Note to self: next year, seriously consider taking the Monday following Easter off). 

On the homefront, packing up the Easter decorations is on my "to do" list, but may not happen until the weekend. If you've followed some of my past posts, you've probably gathered that some of my favorite things include the quirky, monograms and quotes & signs. A few recent home additions hit most of these categories.


I absolutely LOVED this "Sliced Grandfather Clock" by Kikkerland. Sorry for the nasty glare on the's a link for a better photo if you're interested.



All in good fun my northern friends! ;)

Have a GREAT week, and thanks for stopping by 
"Along the way"...

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  1. Now I see what you meant about the "sliced" clock. Very cool!


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