Monday, April 11, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

Far be it from me to tell you how to do your job, but...could you PUHLEEEEASE give South Texas a break from this wind!!! The poor flora, recently adorned in its spring finest, is taking a beating.  I was amazed to find a few flowers still intact in the backyard.

My husband and I enjoyed a relaxed weekend. I was very domestic Sunday and 

FINALLY got a few of the Easter decorations displayed...


...baked some cookies. The trade off for trying something new (Soft and Chewy Molasses cookies), is to also bake something tried and true (good old Chocolate Chip cookies).

Wishing y'all a blessed week!


  1. Yum-o! The cookies sound delicious! And I too like you wish that mother nature would pu-lease give us a break from rain and wind...and cooperate with what I have in mind for a warm sunny spring :D! Thanks so much for stopping by and visiting! I hope to be back to posting soon. I've just had too much going on and a few to many projects...almost post ready, but not quite :D! Thankfully the posion ivy has dried up and I didn't suffer to horribly Take care, Val

  2. Glad you got your decorations up! And, your cookie display looks delicious!


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