Saturday, March 27, 2010

Appliance Face Off

I've been searching for a new coffeemaker for several months now and finally made the purchase a couple days ago. Since I bought this new little jewel during the work week, it sat on my counter for two days until the weekend rolled around and I had time to actually read the instructions and get brewing. I hated my previous coffeemaker with a capital H! Although it was relatively new, the carafe leaked from day one, and dripped on the hot plate causing a nasty, corroded mess! Now I won't name names, but Mr., Coffee making in that #%$!**+!!! machine put me in a foul mood. So why'd it take me so long to buy a new coffeemaker, and then once I had it to actually use it? Silly as it may seem, I'd find a model I liked, but since my kitchen appliances are white, I wanted a white coffeemaker. Guess what? It's not so easy finding a white coffeemaker (or any small appliance for that matter). So, compromises were made. I'm hoping those last two days my old #%$!**+!!! coffeemaker sat on the counter seeing the new one waiting to replace it were painful!!! So, after prepping the new coffeemaker and being alerted by the alarm once the coffee had finished brewing (neat new feature), I must say that first drip-free cup of steaming hot coffee with a healthy dose of skinny vanilla latte creamer was most satisfying! Now to continue my never-ending search for the perfect wine glass...cheers!

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