Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This `n That...

Haven't posted recently, with the exception of a quick Wednesday wisdom. The days slip by for me post retirement...not sure how I ever got myself up and ready for work on time all those years!

I completed a few craft projects recently, decoupaging metal stars proved to be a quick and relatively easy project (I like QUICK!).

I packed up the Halloween decorations yesterday and Thanksgiving decor is now in place (tweaking is inevitable). Is it just me or is it  a lot more work taking decorations down than putting them up?

I've ordered lace curtains in a rooster motif for my kitchen...anxious to get them in place...change is GOOD! Speaking of change...I've picked up a few new items and placed throughout the house...

Vino Tealights
(I purchased this as inspiration for repurposing used
wine bottles...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

Travel themed Chests
(inspiration provided by my daughter's purchase
of  the "Fly the World" chest last year )

Collage Wall Art
(set of three, I've hung them horizontally over a window bank)

Wood gavel...quirky and fun!
(purchased from my favorite local resale shop)
Loved this lantern...
(picked it up for a steal at my local grocery store of all places)

Wine themed wall art, new to my kitchen

And with fall in the air, I can't seem to get enough of baking all things, nutty, apple and pumpkin...

Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake
(minus a slice...I had to sample to insure it was edible)
Hope all's well in your little corner of the world...until next time, take care 
"Along the Way"...


  1. Love all your Thanksgiving decoration....your are very festive, thanks for sharing!

  2. Your home is so inviting and warm with all of the decorations for the coming holiday.
    LOVE that console you have!!


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