Monday, August 29, 2011

Nothing short of a miracle...

My daughter and 8-month old grandson were among the many battered by Hurricane Irene in North Carolina (New Bern). Having lived in South Texas most of our lives, our immediate family is familiar with Hurricanes. This knowledge we came to realize was both a blessing and a curse. If you've ever experienced the inability to help a friend or loved one, whether due to distance or circumstance, you know the horrible feeling of helplessness we experienced. My son-in-law is currently deployed...I know the feeling of helplessness must have been amplified for him. Let me tell you, there were lots of prayers!!! Hunkered down in her home, my daughter, grandson and her sister-in-law rode out the "Wrath of Irene". They lost electricity in the early AM hours on Saturday (08-27). Communication was limited both due to the storm and loss of power. We were relieved to hear from our daughter around 4:30 PM. Though the storm continued to rage, it appeared the worst was over, but they remained without power. Today (08-29) was like Christmas for my daughter...around 3:30 PM, EST, electricity was restored to her home. Our family has breathed a collective sigh of is returning to normal. Amazingly, her home suffered no damage! We thank God for protecting and sustaining them through the storm, and continue to pray for those affected by Hurricane Irene.


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  1. Thank God for the blessings. My oldest son was with his Jersey claimed family during the storm. Thank God for good people that extend their homes. I am happy all is well for you and yours too.


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