Friday, January 20, 2012

Bench Redo...

I picked up a cute little bench a few weeks ago at a local thrift shop for under $5. It was in good condition, but a bit tattered from life (aren't we all !!!). I'd been bouncing back and forth trying to decide on a new color and fabric and finally just went for it. But before undertaking the project, I tryed a vinegar and oil solution tip I found on Pinterest to restore wood. I included pictures that show what the piece looked like before I applied the solution and after. I gotta tell you, I almost considered not redoing the piece after looked that much better! I even used the solution on the fabric and it improved as well. The solution does smell a bit "stinkly" though!

Since I bought the piece with the intention of experimenting with refinishing a project, the redo eventually won over. Here's the finished result...

I spray painted the piece with my new best friend (Oil Rubbed Bronze...see my "Light it up" post) and recovered the cushion in a faux leather. Those experienced in furniture refinishing can probably attest the piece is not perfect, but I'm pleased with it! Now on to the next project!!!  :)

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  1. Nicely done! Looks beautiful! You accomplished your goal for certain!


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