Friday, July 8, 2011

Knotty Nana...

It's true...I've been a knotty Nana! My grandson and lovely daughter will be coming home for a visit  next week. I wanted to have a new blanket or two on hand for our little guy's "tummy time". Thought I'd try my hand at a no sew fleece throw. I know, I know, this project's been around a while...I just jumped on board. I knocked out this little blankie this morning. Let me tell ya, I was a knotting fool! Don't think I've ever tied that many consecutive knots in my life!

Although we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of our babies, the timing is bittersweet as our son-in-law will deploy shortly after his wife and little son leave for Texas. We'll miss him, and ask for your continued thoughts and prayers not only for our son-in-law, but for all those serving in our military and their families...they sacrifice SO much for us all!

Thanks for stopping by, Along the Way!


  1. You've got mine and my family's prayers! We are very strong supporters of the military and their families sacrifices! I am lifting you up as a mother to the wife of one serving! Your support for her is important!

  2. I think the little guy will love tummy time on his special blanket. I hope you have a wonderful visit. I will, of course, keep your son-in-law in my prayers. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary


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