Friday, November 20, 2009

Rainy Days

Rainy days = heavy reminiscing. At least that's how my brain reacts when raindrops fall from the sky. It has literally been pouring in my little corner of the world since yesterday evening and memories have simultaneously flooded my thoughts.

When my children were small, I relished stormy days with our family all "snug as a bug" in our modest home. With the passage of time, my children have grown and are making their own way in this world. Days of our immediate family together on a rainy day has become a rare event, as evidenced this morning when my son left for college classes and I spoke at length with my daughter by phone from her North Carolina home. Alone on a rainy day? Nothing earth shattering, or enough to find myself at the brink of depression, just different.

From the time I was small, rain has always evoked a certain feeling of "peace" that I cannot fully describe, but most definitely experience. Perhaps it stems from my own mother having experienced these same thoughts and emotions and they filtered through the gene pool . Or, perhaps realizing the ENORMITY of the life giving gift water brings from our God, oftentimes at just the right moment (where ARE all the "rain" metaphors coming from?) . :)

I have been blessed with so many wonderful "points to ponder" on rainy days. I hope you have too!
PS: It's raining

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